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 Get everyone together, put down your phones , and bring your combined skills to take on the challenges of one of our unique rooms. We are a family business and our rooms are built by our family for yours. You'll make some memorable family moments you'll cherish too.

Browse our list of puzzle rooms belo book your next adventure today.



TORQUAY SHERLOCKED your detective skills to work. The Story is based around the Travels of author, Arthur Conan Doyle. In the year of 1920, he gave a talk in the old Torquay Town Hall. Your are racing against time to stop a valuable item falling into the hands of an Arch Enemy. Key Finding, Code finding and puzzle solving fun for all the family.

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Our cryptic room in Torquay, for ages 14 upwards. If you loved our Hotel Room in Dartmouth,  this will be right up your street. Will your escape go to plan, can you save Parliament?

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