Torbay Escape Rooms

We are a family friendly indoor all weather activity,  well behaved 4 legged family members are welcome too.  So bring your family, put down your phones , and all work together in our unique rooms for an hour of fun. We are a family business and our rooms are built by our family for yours to enjoy. You'll make some memorable family moments you'll cherish too.

At Escape Room HQ Torbay and Dartmouth, we’ve got it all. Our selection of rooms and themes is unmatched and suitable for all types of players. Browse our list of escape rooms below and book your next adventure today.

Old World Map


Deer stalkers on...

Put your Deerstalker hats on...
Put your detective skills to work. The Story is based around the Travels of author Arthur Conan Doyle. In the year of 1920, he gave a talk in the old Torquay Town Hall. Your are racing against time to stop a valuable item falling into the hands of an Arch Enemy. Key Finding, Code finding and puzzle solving fun for all the family.


Out of Time

Can You beat the clock?

Out of time?
Can you stop of series of devastating events unfolding. 1000's of people are unaware of the danger they are in. It falls on you and your team, to foil an evil plan, that put lives at risk.   Their survival depends on you, have you got what it takes or will you be out of time?  A more difficult level of room, but a game changer if you survive -